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Here are some of the white papers that have been written by Dr. Peter Green who serves as the Technical Director of KnarrTek Inc. as well as by other co-authors.

 In order to download the new, featured white paper  (in Adobe PDF format) users will be required to register on  our website with their  first and last names, as well as their Email. All other white papers may be downloaded without registering on our website.

Milramco LLC. owns the copyright to these papers. Please do not republish these white papers without permission from Milramco LLC ( 

Copies may, however, be freely disseminated within educational, government, and industrial organizations for internal educational and information use only.

If you are having issues downloading the PDF files, it may be due to security settings for your work site or your computer.  In this case, please Email, with an appropriate Email address (gmail personal accounts work fine) and we will send you a copy as an Email attachment.

It is acceptable to publish a few hundred word synopsis with a direct link to the papers, whose links are given below:

Featured White Paper

Recent White Papers

Materials Tracking and Traceability

Inventory Tracking


Supply Chain Issues

Decision Support Systems

ERP Systems

Technology and Artificial Intelligence

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