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KnarrTek consists of a team of experts who are very knowledgeable about implementing industrial software solutions including: materials tracking and traceability systems, work-in-process tracking systems, as well as enterprise and  supply-chain information intetgration systems.

Some of the services provided by KnarrTek include:

  1. Expert advice  as to the best way to solve specific materials tracking and traceability, work-in-process tracking, enterprise and supply-chain information integration problems.
  2. Systems design services, resulting in an implementation plan and budget.
  3. Project management services.
  4. Assistance with the installation and setup of the software.
  5. Training in the use of the  software.
  6. Customization of the software
  7. Providing consulting support for integration with ERP and accounting systems as well as with CAD and other systems
  8. Support for supply chain information exchange with customers and suppliers
  9. Support for integration with integration with equipment, such as weighing scales and RFID portals.
  10. Ongoing support for clients in using these systems.

Please note that KnarrTek does not provide:

KnarrTek provides its support services by billing the time taken against Prepaid Support Services Bundles.

To talk to an expert about how the KnarrTek team of experts can assist your organization with implementing a materials tracking and traceability, work-in-process tracking, or  information integration system, please click on the [Contact Us] button below.

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