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Cost Saving Supply Chain Materials Tracking & Traceability Solutions

KnarrTek Work-in-Process Tracking Solutions

KnarrTek specializes in providing cost saving solutions to enable family owned businesses with comply with the ever-increasing complexity of Government regulations and mandated standards for supply-chain materials tracking and traceability.

When many of our clients first come to KnarrTek they are using paper-forms, Excel spreadsheets, and duplicate manual data entry into multiple computer systems in order to meet mandates from their customers to comply with Government agency mandates and other standards for materials tracking and traceability. This includes requirements to comply with edicts from agencies such as the FDA, USDA, DOD, DOT, EPA, and FAA as well as ISO and other standards for materials tracking and traceability.

This use of manual data collection methods is time consuming and can be the cause of many errors. It becomes especially problematic when materials tracking and traceability data has to be exchanged electronically with supply-chain trading partners as this requires that the exchanged data be in standard electronic format, rather than just on paper forms or in Excel spreadsheets. Also electronic data exchange requires a much greater level of precision and product labeling.

Usually the first step in implementing a materials tracking and traceability solution is to switch from manual data collection to using barcode scanning, and possibly RFID, to track materials from when they are received, to their transformation into products, to the picking, packing and shipping of these products.

This will typically save the time of between one and three full-time equivalent people, at a loaded labor cost of at least $6,000 per month each, typically enabling a KnarrTek solution to pay for the upfront cost in under six months, with an ongoing cost for using the KnarrTek software of around $1,200 per month.

Labor time can also be saved, as well as costly mistakes, by using the KnarrTek software to automatically print GS1 compliant barcode labels for products, their packaging, and shipping containers, on demand.

KnarrTek's solutions also typically include fully automated materials tracking and traceability data exchange with supply chain trading partners. These solutions save labor-time in manually exchanging data and prevent mistakes in manually preparing and submitting the data exchange. They can result in substantial cost savings, especially when data has to be exchanged with a large number of trading partners.

Please click here to learn more about KnarrTek's Solution Deployment options and their approximate costs.

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