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How to Prevent 9 Costly Mistakes in Manufacturing and Industrial Distribution

Nine Costly Mistakes

In this white paper by Peter and Eric Green, the authors have compiled a list of nine common mistakes in manufacturing and industrial distribution.

These nine mistakes are by no-means an exhaustive list of all the mistakes that employees can make by omission or commission, or management can make by using bad methods. It would probably take a very thick book to list them all.

What the authors have done in this white paper is to compile a list of mistakes that, in their experience, have cost their clients a large amount of money, time and aggravation. They then examine commonality amongst the mistakes.

In each case, the solution was to implement an automated data collection system which issued pro-active warnings when a mistake was about to be made.

The authors then examine several situations where the organizations did not implement solutions to prevent mistakes and then they report on the resultant consequences.

They conclude with a warning to remember Murphy's Law "If things can go wrong, they will" and that in manufacturing and distribution operations there are many opportunities for mistakes. It is not a case of  "If" someone makes a mistake but a case of "When" and what you are going to do about it.

To learn more about these issues and how to solve them, please read

" How to Prevent Nine Costly Mistakes in Manufacturing and Industrial Distribution" .

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