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How Much of their Time are Your People Actually Working?

Labor Tracking

Having your people scan a couple of barcodes when they start and end an operation on a job takes only a few seconds and yet can reveal an enormous amount of information, including:

  1. The status of a customer job.
  2. How many labor hours to do an operation
  3. How much elapsed time it took to do an operation
  4. When someone actually started and ended work for the day
  5. Warnings for managers if an operation is taking too long or an order is running late

In this white paper, the author examines the nuances of capturing and using this data to improve the efficiency of operations in an industrial environment.

This is based on many years of experience by the author in implementing job and labor tracking systems, using the BellHawk job and materials tracking software, for a wide variety of industrial clients.

To download a PDF of the white paper, please click on:

"How Much of their Time are Your People Actually Working?" .

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