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Failure to Excel in the Cloud
a cautionary tale by Dr. Peter Green

Barcode Tracking in the Cloud

I am a systems architect. I wrote this white paper as a cautionary tale that simply going from a client-server architecture to a Cloud-based architecture, with all computer processing being run at a remote data center, will probably not solve all of an organization's IT issues.

I have spent the past two decades working on barcode data collection systems for manufacturers and industrial distributors as technical director of a number of software and systems integration companies.

In this white paper I trace the evolution of barcode tracking systems from simple desktop applications, through client server applications, to Cloud-based systems. Along the way, I contrast what we have gained and lost with each evolution of the technology.

I then discuss the limitations of Cloud computing for implementing barcode tracking systems for applications such as work-in-process and inventory tracking in industrial organizations.

Finally, I discuss how we can overcome limitations, such as bandwidth and reliability of the Internet, to get the best compromise available with today's technology.

Please click here to download PDF version of white paper and continue reading.

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