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KnarrTek provides affordable solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and other organizations that need to comply with materials tracking and traceability requirements from the FDA as well as other government and standards agencies.

KnarrTek's clients are primarily family-owned businesses in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, construction and engineering supply chains. They have also included clients in the agriculture, mining, paper, precious metals, and defense supply chains.

KnarrTek provides the expertise, software, and support services to enable its clients to use this technology to comply with the supply-chain materials tracking and traceability requirements of the FDA and other government agencies and standards organizations.

KnarrTek is able to provide its supply chain materials tracking and traceability solutions at an affordable cost by having pre-built software platforms that typically provide over 90% of each solution working "out-of-the-box". KnarrTek's team of experts then works with its clients to tailor the solution to the specific business needs of each client.

KnarrTek makes its money from recurrent revenue payments by clients for use of the its software  as well as from payments from the specialized technical and support services activities its staff provide. KnarrTek works with a network of partners that provide the needed equipment and supplies for it's client's systems implementation.

KnarrTek is named after an ocean going Viking trading boat named a Knarr which was the main ocean going sailing vessel for the Viking supply chains from about 800 AD to 1100 AD. Knarrs sailed from Scandinavia to North America, deep into Russia, and to the far reaches of the Mediterranean sea, 500 years before Columbus "discovered" America. These were amazingly engineered boats which were the forerunner of the modern supply-chain container ship.

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