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Intelligent Order Management Systems

IOM Order Management

Intelligent Order Management (IOM) systems automate the conversion of Customer Orders into a sequence of Purchase Orders, Manufacturing Orders, Picking and Shipping Orders. They are typically used in conjunction with a BellHawk Materials, Work-in-Process, and Operations tracking system. Here BellHawk provides a dynamic real-time view of the available inventory on which the operations planning system bases its decisions.

IOMs can enable a small team of people to manage the flow of customer orders through multiple manufacturing plants and warehouses to ensure customer orders get made and shipped on time. They also track when things are not going to plan and alert managers when they need to take action. This reduces the number of people needed for this process, over manual methods, and reduces the stress in managing these processes.

To learn more about Intelligent Order Management Systems, please read the whitepaper "Intelligent Order Management Systems- will these replace ERP Systems?" by Dr. Peter Green.

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