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Using Artificial Intelligence to Upgrade Your ERP System


This white paper addresses two groups of people:

  1. The senior management of manufacturing and industrial distribution organizations who are contemplating purchasing a new ERP System
  2. The same people who now are having buyer's remorse by purchasing an expensive ERP system only to find that it does not meet the needs of production operations management.

This white paper is focused on addressing the needs of production operations managers and their staff in manufacturing plants that specialize in short-run, quick-turn, manufacturing of semi-custom products.

Such plants comprise the bulk of the 60,000 or so mid-sized manufacturing plants in the USA. Of these, an estimated 50,000 plants are still capturing their operations tracking data using paper forms followed by manual keyboard data entry into their ERP systems.

For a production operations manager, some of the scariest words from their CFO are "I have just brought you a new ERP system", implying that the new system was purchased without consultation with the production operations management staff. Typically, such a system meets all the accounting requirements for the organization but inevitably it does not meet the needs of the managers that have to make and ship products.

In this white paper, we examine typical shortcomings of ERP systems, from an operations management viewpoint, and then propose how many of these issues can be overcome by using AI based software, such as that from KnarrTek, to turn an inadequate ERP system into a fully functional operations management system.

To learn more about this, please read the whitepaper "Using Artificial Intelligence to Upgrade Your ERP System" by Dr. Peter Green.

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