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Santa's Supply Chain Problems


This white paper is a satirical look at the organizational woes confronting North Pole Enterprises now it has grown from an early stage start up, with a few wooden toys made by elves and personally delivered by Santa and his team of eight reindeer, to a global manufacturing and logistics organization.

This white paper was written over 20 years ago by Dr. Peter Green and is reprinted here, as it is probably more relevant today than when it was written.

The White Paper starts:

Santa strode into the January 2 review meeting. Normally he enjoyed these meetings, reviewing how well they had done the past Christmas. All the toys delivered, all the happy children, all the stockings filled, all the cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer left in return. But this year he knew things were not good. Now there were several hundred million children who believed in Santa, at least well enough to get presents from him, but didn't get any presents at all. The supply chain was falling apart.

To learn more about how Santa's management team (sort-of) came together to (maybe) solve North Pole Enterprises supply chain problems, please download and read the PDF reprint of the whitepaper
"Santa's Supply Chain Problems" .

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