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KnarrTek Materials Tracking and Decision Support Technology

BellHawk Architecture

KnarrTek Materials Tracking and Decision Support (MTDS) solutions are based on:

  1. The BellHawk software platform, which does barcode data collection and mistake prevention
  2. The MilramX software, which provides the decision support functions of data exchange with other systems, materials management, and real-time alerting.

The combination of these two software platforms typically provide over 90% of the code needed to implement real-time materials tracking and decision support systems, working "out-of-the-box".  This enables KnarrTek to rapidly deliver MTDS systems on a cost-saving basis for its clients.

For most applications, The BellHawk software, which is based on a rules-based engine, can be used as a standard product and configured to meet the data collection requirements of most organizations, without any code modification. MilramX, which is based on the paradigm of cooperating intelligent agents,  typically needs customization to meet the specific decision support needs of each organization.

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