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KnarrTek Real-Time Operations Tracking and Management Technology

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The purpose of KnarrTek's technology is to enable the efficient real-time management of industrial operations while increasing sales, by improving customer satisfaction, at an affordable cost.

KnarrTek's technology:

  1. Minimizes the number of support people needed to help manage industrial operations by automating routine decision making and making it easy for managers to make more complex operational decisions.
  2. Minimizes the amount of labor needed to capture and analyze the real-time data on which decisions are made and warns people when they are about to make operational mistakes.
  3. Increases customer satisfaction by reducing the time it takes to process customer orders, as well as helping ensure that orders get correctly shipped on time.
  4. Helps ensure lean, efficient use of materials, people, and equipment by performing automated real-time planning and scheduling.
  5. Minimizes the cost of implementing these real-time decision support technologies by providing software platforms which provide over 90% of the needed solution for each client, working "out-of-the-box".

KnarrTek then provides the expertise and services to quickly tailor these solutions to the specific needs of each clients. KnarrTek also works with partners to enable the cost effective supply of the equipment and supplies for the operation of these systems.

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