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Real-Time AI Based Operations Tracking and Management Solutions

Industries Served

Applications include:

Enabling managers to operate their industrial enterprises with lower overhead, more efficiency, and with better customer satisfaction. Decision Support Solutions

Providing affordable real-time materials tracking systems which use barcode, RFID, Real-Time AI and mobile computing technologies and which can work with a wide range of ERP & CAD systems. help with regulatory requirements

Providing the expertise, services and affordable technology to enable its clients to comply with FDA, DSCSA, FSMA and other regulatory requirements. help with regulatory requirements

Inventory, Asset &
Materials Tracking

Materials Traceability &
Regulatory Compliance
Tracking Jobs &
Picking, Packing,
Labeling &Shipping
ERP & Supply Chain
Data Integration
Operational Mistake
Materials Planning &
Job Scheduling

Job Costing &
Project Tracking

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