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ERP and Supply Chain Integration

MilramX Information Transfer

KnarrTek solutions use its MilramX intelligent agent middleware to exchange data between one or more BellHawk Materials Tracking Systems and ERP/Accounting systems and/or Engineering Design/CAD systems as well as with customer and supplier supply chain systems.

Many ERP implementations fail to meet their original goals of providing one system to meet the needs of all departments within an industrial organization. The primary reason for this is that ERP systems require that its users adapt their operating procedures to conform to those dictated by the ERP system.

 While this works well for accounting and often sales operations, it fails in production and distribution operations, which differ greatly between organizations. This problem can be solved by integrating a BellHawk Materials Tracking System, which is flexible and can be tailored to meet the operations tracking needs of most organizations,  with the ERP system using KnarrTek's software.

MilramX can also be used to integrate BellHawk with E-Commerce websites, with Engineering Design/CAD systems, as well as with supplier and customer systems.

MilramX can be used to send purchase orders to suppliers and to receive back advanced shipment notices, which can be used to automate the receipt of mixed pallets of materials. MilramX can also be used to automatically send advanced shipment notices to suppliers as well as to send other traceability data in formats such as EPCIS.

In most automated data exchange applications, MilramX provides over 90% of the needed code, either automatically generated or supplied as code libraries. This enables these applications to be rapidly implemented at much lower cost and in a much shorter time than alternate approaches.

For more details, please see Overview of the MilramX Decision Support Software Platform

In addition there is:

  1. A store and forward interface to BellHawk, named MDEX, which is based on MilramX. This interface, which is typically run on a Windows Server computer, provides a remote simplified "mirror" for the BellHawk database, which can be used to exchange data with BellHawk simply by reading and writing this well-documented mirror database. This is used to implement interfaces to ERP and accounting systems, as well as for Business Intelligence applications.
  2. A Remote Desktop Interface (RDI) which enables users to create and update a mirror database using SQL Server Express on their PC desktop. This can then be used to create custom reports using a wide variety of reporting tools.
  3. Standard interfaces to QuickBooks Enterprise, both for the desktop and Cloud-based versions.

If you have questions about exchanging data with a specific ERP system or with supplier or customer supply chain systems, please click on the [Contact Us] button below to schedule an on-line meeting with one of our experts

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