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Inventory, Asset, and Work-in-Process Materials Tracking Solutions

Job and Materials Tracking

KnarrTek provides a wide range of materials tracking solutions, based on its BellHawk Software.

The BellHawk material tracking software is used in warehouses associated with manufacturing operations and well as in industrial distribution warehouses, especially those doing secondary operations such as kitting, repacking and relabeling of products.

It is also used to track work-in-process and floor stock materials in manufacturing plants as well as construction materials, such as for electrification projects, including their shipment to site and installation.

Many of these applications involve tracking materials at multiple different geographic locations and/or maintaining detailed tracking about the source or destination of materials for traceability purposes.

What makes BellHawk special is that, at its core, it tracks containers of material and individual items with License Plate Number (LPN) barcodes or RFID tags, rather tracking the quantity of each item at a location, which is what traditional inventory tracking,  warehouse management systems (WMS), ERP, and accounting systems do.

LPN tracking, , by contrast, enables BellHawk to comply with regulatory requirements for materials traceability from Government agencies as diverse as the FDA, FAA,  and DOD, as well as with the materials tracking needs of many manufacturers, industrial distributors, and participants in the food, pharmaceutical and medical supply chains.

BellHawk is used in the medical and food supply chains, where its ability to track individual containers with different lot and serial numbers, as well as expiration dates is essential. It also enables the tracking of containers of like materials with different dimensions, which makes it ideal for material tracking applications in the construction trades where sheets, rolls, reels, and lengths of material with different dimensions, but the same  part numbers need to be tracked separately.

For certain applications, such as tracking mixed pallets, sending advanced shipment notices, and sending EDI or EPCIS data to downstream trading partners, the use of nested-container tracking is essential. This is, again, where BellHawk stands in contrast to traditional Inventory Tracking and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) which simply track the quantity of materials by location.

Container-based tracking also enables BellHawk to be used in applications requiring job, inventory, asset, and materials tracking to be performed in one integrated system. This is in contrast to traditional approaches, where separate inventory tracking, warehouse management, asset tracking, and job tracking systems are required.

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