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Preventing Operational Mistakes

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KnarrTek's BellHawk Software has been used to prevent operational mistakes in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial distribution organizations. Before using BellHawk most of these  organizations were using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to track their materials, which resulted in costly operational mistakes.

When writing down materials tracking data onto a paper form or even directly entering this data into an Excel spreadsheet, there is no feedback as to whether the user is about to make an operational mistake. Examples of such mistakes are:

  1. Using the wrong materials to make a product
  2. Picking the wrong products to ship to a customer
  3. Using or shipping products that have not passed quality control inspection
  4. Incorrectly labeling products
  5. Not correctly recording materials traceability data

There is also no feedback when a front-office person misreads numbers printed on a paper form when entering this into an ERP system, which can result in under-ordering or over-ordering of replacement inventory.

The way to prevent these mistakes is to capture the data in real-time at point-of action and then, as each data item or barcode scan is entered into a mobile device, to provide real-time feedback  if an operational mistake is about to be made.

BellHawk uses its Magic Forms technology to minimize the amount of data entry required and to enable the data entry to be performed by users with minimal training thus enabling an easy transition to electronic data capture.

BellHawk also makes extensive use of barcode scanning to minimize keyboard data entry, thus reducing data entry errors.

BellHawk comes with a standard set of mistake detection rules, that are applicable to a wide-range of users. In addition, KnarrTek can customize BellHawk, where needed to integrate client and situation specific rules.

If your organization is experiencing your people making too high a level of expensive mistakes, please select the [Contact Us] button below to setup an online meeting with one of our experts to discuss your issues.

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