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KnarrTek's FDA & GS1 Materials Tracking and Traceability Compliance Solutions

Track and Trace Applications

KnarrTek provides the software, services and expertise to enable its clients to comply with FDA product-safety materials tracking and traceability requirements, in a wide variety of applications, including:

Food processing

Almost all of these now require compliance with a variety of GS1 standards for barcode labeling, RFID tagging, materials traceability data capture, and supply chain information sharing.

Complying with these standards, as well as the related FDA guidance documents, is a complex process, especially for smaller organizations.

 Done manually, compliance can require a large number of people filling out paper forms and Excel spreadsheets, as well as manual data entry into multiple systems. These processes can mostly be automated using KnarrTek's real-time AI based software thereby minimizing the amount of time required as well as preventing expensive mistakes.

KnarrTek provides the expertise to enable small to mid-size organizations to comply with these requirements, backup up by affordable software to enable FDA/GS1 compliance, while minimizing the cost of labor required for data capture and sharing.

In implementing materials tracking and traceability solutions for its clients, KnarrTek uses two software platforms:

These platforms typically provide over 90% of the needed code for any specific application and enable KnarrTek to quickly and cost-effectively deliver FDA compliant applications.

The BellHawk software makes extensive use of Container based Tracking, including the use of the GS1 barcode and RFID standards to ensure electronic traceability of all foods, drugs, and other materials. The accurate generation of these labels and identification tags is performed automatically by KnarrTek's TAG software, thereby ensuring compliance with the FDA's traceability requirements.

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