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Job Costing and Project Tracking


KnarrTek's BellHawk Materials Tracking Software can be used to accurately track the cost of each job. This may be as simple as tracking the labor consumed on each step of making a product. It can be as complex as tracking the labor and machine times, as well as the materials consumed, for each operation on multiple jobs required to make and install the components for a complex project.

Many manufacturing organizations do not have good cost accounting for each job. This is especially true when people are working on multiple jobs at the same time, such as running multiple machines at the same time, or running a single machine that is processing materials for multiple jobs at the same time, or both.

BellHawk tracks the labor and machine time, materials consumed and produced by each operation for each job. Where appropriate it allocates the labor and machine times and materials consumed across the multiple jobs being run at the same time.

Instead of using standard costs for raw materials, BellHawk can optionally use the actual cost of raw materials consumed. It can also track the total costs, including machine time and materials consumed, as intermediate materials are made from different materials in multiple operations. These actual costs can then be used for the intermediate materials when computing the costs of the final products they are used to make.

This gives a much more accurate sense of job cost, rather than using standard costs, especially when products are made to order and raw materials are purchased specifically for a job or project.

BellHawk can also track the cost of projects consisting of multiple jobs, work orders, and purchase orders with multiple shipment releases. It tracks which raw and intermediate products were purchased and made for each specific project and warns users if they attempt to use materials produced or made for one project on another.

In this way the costs associated with each project truly reflect the materials, labor, and machine time required for that project. For this reason BellHawk is often used to track the manufacture and installation of materials for construction projects as well as the warehouse distribution of materials used for construction trades projects.

While BellHawk incorporates standard costing and project tracking algorithms, KnarrTek can customize these to meet the specific needs of each organization.

If you are having problems with job costing and/or tracking your project materials and costs, please click on the [Contact Us] button below to arrange a no-obligations discussion with one of our experts about the best way to solve these problems.

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