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KnarrTek Real-time AI based
Operations Management Decision Support Solutions

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Real-time AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can analyze and act on data as it comes in, without human intervention.  It can automatically adapt to changing conditions and make scheduling and planning decisions on the fly as well as to alert people when there are situations they need to pay attention to.

KnarrTek  implements operations management decision support solutions for its clients, based on real-time AI methods,  which enable efficient management of operations  with far fewer people. This results in increased profits for KnarrTek's clients and solves the problem of recruiting, training, and retaining skilled staff people. Many of these solutions also enable an increase in sales by speeding delivery and improving customer satisfaction.

KnarrTek is able to provide these real-time operations management decision support solutions at an affordable cost by having pre-built software platforms that typically provide over 90% of each solution working "out-of-the-box". KnarrTek's team of experts then works with its clients to tailor the solution to the specific business needs of each client.

Example applications include:

  1. Automatically process customer order flow into purchasing, receiving, work, manufacturing, picking, packing, shipping, service, and installation orders. help with regulatory requirements
  2. Dynamically replanning and rescheduling operations as new customer orders arrive as well as when delays and problems in production or deliveries occur. help with regulatory requirements
  3. Enabling industrial organizations to transition from using reports about what went wrong yesterday to providing their people with real-time actionable information. help with regulatory requirements
  4. Providing all stake-holders with the information they need, when they need it, in a format that is most useful, to efficiently do their jobs. help with regulatory requirements
  5. Increasing sales through improved customer satisfaction by making sure orders get shipped on time and by keeping customers informed about the status of their orders. Also by automatically providing the supply chain integration information that customers need. help with regulatory requirements
  6. Reducing overhead costs by automating routine decision making and providing managers with decision support information for more complex decision making, as well as eliminating unnecessary paperwork and time wasted in meetings. help with regulatory requirements

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