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KnarrTek Materials Tracking and Traceability Solutions

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At a single site, KnarrTek's software can track raw materials from the time they are received to the time when they are consumed in making products, including tracking work-in-process materials. KnarrTek's software then tracks the finished products as they are packaged, labeled, picked, packed and shipped.

In this way, KnarrTek's software is able to capture all the needed materials tracking information about what materials went into which products, who made them and when, as well as how they were labeled, packed, and shipped.

This information is then stored in history tables so that it can be used to quickly trace-back from defective products to its constituent materials and to trace forward from defective materials to finished products on-demand.

The Knarr-Tek software enables the receipt of materials history data from upstream supply-chain trading partners, so that this can be incorporated into the materials history tables and subsequently forwarded to downstream trading partners.

Applications include tracking and tracing the manufacture of:

KnarrTek's software is also used for tracking the repair of systems and components that could impact human health or safety such as airplane subsystems, telecom assets, and medical instruments.

Many of the materials tracking and tracking applications are for FDA Regulated Applications such as in the Food and Medical supply chains.

Please download our "Materials Tracking and Traceability, and Work-in-Process Tracking Handbook" to learn all about how to implement Materials Tracking and Traceability Systems.

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