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Cutting Overhead Costs by Automating Decision Support

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Operations managers and their staff spend a large percentage of their time gathering and studying data to  make the right decisions about what materials to buy and make and when, in order to meet the inflow of customer orders.

This involves gathering data from multiple systems, often doing analyses using Excel spreadsheets, and countless hours spent in coordination and planning meetings.

Many of these operations management tasks can be automated  using KnarrTek's BellHawk software to gather the operational information in real-time and KnarrTek's MilramX software to automatically gather and analyze the data to produce actionable information, in real-time, for operations managers to use.

Originally the challenge for manufacturers was to automate the making of products. In one manufacturing plant, they started with over 100 people on the factory floor but were able to progress over a decade to having highly automated machinery run by a team of 6 people. But, at the same, their support staff in the plant had increased from 20 to 30 people, which is not atypical.

As a result, the major labor cost (and retention/recruiting headache) is now in the support staff and not the people who run the equipment on the shop floor.

The solution to reducing this cost is to automate much of the routine work required for decision making by using decision support software, such as MilramX, with collection of the real-time information, on which to base decisions, performed by software such as BellHawk.

By providing automated decision support, using these software platforms, organizations are not only able to cut overhead costs but are able to make fewer mistakes and to increase sales and customer satisfaction by reducing the time it takes to ship orders.

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