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Winning more Sales through Improved Customer Satisfaction

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Winning sales in the first place is the function of sales and marketing. Winning repeat orders is a function of operations managers achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

KnarrTek's Decision Support software supports this objective by:

  1. Dynamically planning and scheduling customer orders to ensure that promised delivery dates are met, even when problems arise.
  2. Monitoring the progress of customer orders and alerting sales, customer support, and appropriate operations managers if production is falling behind.
  3. Automatically ordering needed materials to ensure that customer products can be made and shipped on time and compensating for changes in supply chain delivery issues.
  4. Preventing mistakes by warning operators and materials handlers when they are about to make an operational mistake in making, picking, packing and shipping customer orders.
  5. Making sure that products are correctly labeled by automatically generating situation specific labels for different levels of packaging to be sent to customers. This can avoid rejection of shipped orders or penalties for incorrect shipments.
  6. Automatically sending status updates to customers as well as data such as advanced shipment notices and materials tracking and traceability to customer systems, so as to minimize work the customer staff has to do in receiving their order.
  7. Automatically updating the ERP/accounting system with data about what was actually shipped so the invoice can be quickly generated for the customer and so that it matches what was shipped, which can expedite payment.

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