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From ERP to Best of Breed Systems

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ERP systems have long been touted as one integrated solution that meets the IT needs of the whole of each organization. Unfortunately this only applies if your organization's operations map exactly onto the algorithms incorporated into the ERP system.

In reality, especially for most mid-sized make-to-order manufacturers, these all-encompassing ERP systems only meet part of their needs (typically in finance but not in production ) . As a result, different departments within these organizations use many different systems, which they have selected as the best systems to do their jobs.

Attempts to replace all these best-of-breed systems with a single one-size-fits all ERP system usually results in failure - see Organizational Conflicts in Implementing New Manufacturing ERP Systems and other White Papers on this topic.

Instead, KnarrTek's software allows different departments to keep using the software applications that work best for them with MilramX managing the information exchange between different departments and BellHawk capturing the real-time data on which to base good decisions. This includes enabling the accounting/finance department being able to select the ERP/accounting system that works best for them.

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