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In implementing real-time industrial industrial materials tracking systems for its clients, KnarrTek uses three software platforms:

BellHawk®- the Intelligent Link to the Factory Floor and Warehouse - a job and materials tracking system that uses technologies such as barcode scanning, RFID, and mobile computing to track operations within manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses. In doing this BellHawk tracks the receipt of materials and their put-away. It then tracks the transformation of those materials into finished products, followed by tracking the picking, packing, and shipping of those products to customers. BellHawk incorporates capabilities such a rules-based barcode labeling and data collection interfaces to equipment such as RFID portals, weighing scales, and process control equipment.Also dynamically schedules work performed by material handlers and production personnel in response to receiving, work, picking, packing, and shipping orders received from other systems or entered directly into BellHawk.

MilramX - an Enterprise Integration Software Platform - an intelligent agent platform that automatically retrieves data updates from multiple systems, analyses the data, and then sends resultant information to one or more systems and/or sends alerts in the form of emails or mobile phone text messages to distribution lists of people. MilramX includes pre-built interface to BellHawk as well as the Tau-Adaptor expert system for automatically generating data exchange code for databases and web-services interfaces.

KnarrOps - an industrial Enterprise Decision Support (EDS) system platform. Its purpose is to make the jobs of members of the management teams of manufacturing and industrial distribution enterprises easier, quicker, more efficient, and less stressful by providing the information they need to do their jobs in an easy to digest form, when and where they need it. KnarrOps provides a central repository, in an operations databank, for all information relating to operations throughout the enterprise. This information can be accessed from a single login, into a web-browser interface, rather than logging in to separate systems to find the needed information. KnarrOps uses MilramX intelligent agents to continuously update the databank with the latest information, as it becomes available. KnarrTek also includes the capability for intelligent agents to automatically examine the data they collect and to use this to generate management alerts

KnarrOps is frequently used as a "front end" to one or more BellHawk job and materials tracking systems running in different geographic locations, linking these systems to a single ERP or accounting system. But KnarrOps can also be used independently of BellHawk with Job and inventory tracking being done by one or more third party systems.

KnarrTek's software is based on KnarrTek's Artificial Intellgence Technology which KnarrTek also uses for implementing custom operations management and decision support systems for its clients.

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