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KnarrOps is an Operations Management Decision Support System (DSS). Its purpose is to make the jobs of members of the management teams of manufacturing and industrial distribution enterprises easier, quicker, more efficient, and less stressful by providing the information they need to do their jobs in an easy to digest form, when and where they need it.

KnarrOps is frequently used as a "front end" to one or more BellHawk job and materials tracking systems running in different geographic locations, linking these systems to a single ERP or accounting system.

KnarrOps can also be used independently of BellHawk with Job and inventory tracking being done by one or more third party systems.


  1. Provides a single-login web browser interface where managers and their staff can view the real-time status of customer orders, inventory, jobs, assets and shipments, as well as other operations related information. This avoids the need to login to multiple systems to monitor the status of customer orders, jobs, inventory, and shipments.
  2. Can be configured to automatically import operational status data from many different systems and store this in an operations management database. This is done incrementally, in real-time, as the data changes in each source system thereby enabling KnarrOps users to see the real-time status of operations across their enterprise.
  3. Can be configured to automatically collect operational history data and make this available in the form of reports, graphs, and Excel exports for subsequent performance evaluation and improvement.
  4. Can be configured to automatically collect actual costs for materials, labor, and equipment time used on each job or project and can provide a detailed comparison with quoted price and expected costs.
  5. Makes integrated operational information available for other systems from the operations management database in an easy-to-use format. This also enables the use of third-party business intelligence software for custom reporting.


  1. KnarrOps can Provide interactive screens through which managers can incrementally generate purchase orders, material movement orders, manufacturing orders, as well as picking, packing, and shipping orders in response to incoming customer orders. These orders can then be sent by KnarrOps to the appropriate suppliers, warehouses, and manufacturing plants to make and ship the required products. KnarrOps also tracks the resultant status updates from the operations tracking systems and adds them to the operations tracking database.
  2. Periodically evaluates the data in the operations tracking database to determine whether there are situations, such as needing more material jobs running late, that need manager attention. KnarrOps can then send Email or Text Messages to a distribution list of mangers and their staff.

These two optional capabilities typically need customization of the KnarrOps code to tailor these capabilities to the specific needs of each enterprise. Clients can also add their own custom reports and intelligent agents alerts using Python.

Please click here to Download a PDF copy of the datasheet on KnarrOps or click on the [Contact Us] button below for expert help with your industrial operations management decision support issues.

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