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Overview of the BellHawk Industrial Real-Time Work-in-Process,
Operations and Materials Tracking Software

BellHawk Capabilities

BellHawk is data collection software that is used to track work-in-process, operations and  materials in real-time in manufacturing plants and industrial distribution warehouses using technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing.

BellHawk can track the receipt of raw materials, their conversion into intermediate materials and finished products and then tracks the picking, packing and shipping of those finished products to customers.

BellHawk enables manufacturers to rapidly and cost effectively implement barcode tracking systems to track their inventory and their manufacturing operations in real-time. This includes tracking the status of work-in-process for customer orders in real-time as well as tracking the labor, materials, and machine time required for each job and capturing materials traceability history data.

BellHawk also enables industrial distributors to track their warehouse operations in real-time, including secondary operations such as kitting, assembly, repackaging, and relabeling.

BellHawk can be used stand alone or can automatically exchange data with a wide-range of ERP, accounting, or CAD systems, as well as with customer and supplier supply-chain systems, through the MilramX Inventory and Operations Management System.

BellHawk can be used on an affordable subscription basis on servers managed by KnarrTek at secure data centers in the USA or rented for installation on a client's own Windows Server computer. Alternately, BellHawk is available on a rental basis, already installed in a IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) computer, ready to be plugged into the manufacturing plant or warehouse LAN( local area network).

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