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BellHawk Industrial Real-Time Operations Tracking Software

BellHawk Capabilities

BellHawk is a Real-Time Industrial Operations Tracking System. At a high level, BellHawk is an integrated combination of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), real-time Inventory Tracking, and Warehouse Management System (WMS). BellHawk uses container-based tracking methods, similar to those used by Amazon, FedEx, and UPS.

BellHawk is used to track containers of material, work-in-process, and assets in industrial organizations, such as manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses. BellHawk uses technologies such as barcode and RFID scanning and mobile computing, as well as supporting label-printing and shop-floor interfaces to weighing scales and process control equipment.

In manufacturing plants, BellHawk can track the receipt of raw materials, their conversion into intermediate materials and finished products and then tracks the picking, packing and shipping of those finished products to customers.

BellHawk enables manufacturers to rapidly and cost effectively implement barcode and RFID tracking systems to track their inventory and their manufacturing operations in real-time. This includes tracking the status of work-in-process for customer orders in real-time as well as tracking the labor, materials, and machine time required for each job and capturing materials traceability history data.

BellHawk also enables industrial distributors to track their warehouse operations in real-time, including secondary operations such as kitting, assembly, repackaging, and relabeling.

BellHawk can be used stand alone or can automatically exchange data with a wide-range of ERP, accounting, or CAD systems, as well as with customer and supplier supply-chain systems, through the MilramX Automated Information Exchange software.

For users who want to use a simple inventory and asset tracking system or a simple production tracking system, these are available through the inexpensive BellHawk Online service.

For users who want more complex job and materials tracking or warehouse management capabilities, as well as higher reliability and performance, we implement BellHawk in ruggedized Windows IIOT (Industrial Enterprise of Things) computers installed at each site.

Where needed, BellHawk can also be installed on dedicated Windows Server based computers in the data center of large organizations but, in general, these installations are not as reliable, nor is their performance as good as installing BellHawk on a Windows IIOT computer at each site.

What make BellHawk different from traditional inventory tracking, warehouse management, and ERP systems is that it tracks materials in containers rather than by location. This enable BellHawk to be used in a wide range of inventory and work-in-process materials tracking applications that are beyond the capabilities of these traditional systems. BellHawk can, however be used to augment the capabilities of these systems by adding container-based-tracking.

Please click on Container Based Tracking for more information.

For more information about the capabilities of the BellHawk software, please click on the following:

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