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BellHawk Materials Tracking & Data Collection Software

BellHawk Capabilities

BellHawk uses technologies such as barcode and RFID scanning and mobile computing to track containers of material and serialized items in multiple different locations, including outdoors. It is primarily to solve materials tracking and traceability problems which cannot be solved using conventional inventory, job, and asset tracking systems, which track materials by location.

Here, we use the word container to refer to boxes, bags, drums, pallets, and totes of material as well as individually tracked items, such as tools and electromechanical assemblies, which are not in a container. We also use the word container to refer to rolls and reels of material, which hold different lengths and widths of material, as well as sheets of material, which have different lengths and widths. ;

Some of the operational benefits of BellHawk include:

  1. Keeping Track: Provides a real-time overview of the status of customer orders and related materials, including inventory in warehouses and work-in-process on the factory floor, plus tracks receiving and put-away of raw materials, the transformation of raw materials into finished goods, and their picking, packing and shipping.
  2. Eliminating use of Paper Forms: Saves labor cost and prevents data collection mistakes by replacing the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry, for materials tracking data collection, with automated data collection using technologies such as barcode and RFID scanning, as well as mobile computing.
  3. Preventing Late Customer Order Delivery: Gives real-time visibility of the status of customer orders, and needed materials, to help ensure that orders get made, shipped, delivered, and/or installed on time. Also does real-time job scheduling and can provide potential late-delivery warnings.
  4. Preventing Operational Mistakes: Warns operators and materials handlers when they are about to make an operational mistake such as using the wrong materials to make a product, or to put in a kit, or picking the wrong materials for a shipment.
  5. Capturing Materials Traceability History: for regulatory compliance as well as rapidly tracking the source of defective products as well as minimizing the scope and cost of recalls.
  6. Capturing the cost of making products: including the cost of materials, labor, and machine time. Enables comparison of expected and actual costs to improve future bidding.
  7. Adding container-based materials tracking and traceability capabilities to ERP systems: ERP systems track materials by location and do not have the ability to track containers of material. BellHawk can be used to add the needed materials tracking and traceability capabilities.

What make BellHawk different from traditional inventory, asset, and job tracking, warehouse management, and ERP systems is that it tracks materials in containers rather than by location. This enable BellHawk to be used in a wide range of materials tracking applications that are beyond the capabilities of these traditional systems. BellHawk can, however be used to augment the capabilities of these systems by adding container-based-tracking.

Please click on LPN Container Based Tracking for more information .

For more information about the capabilities of the BellHawk software, please click on the following:

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