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Use of Artificial Intelligence in KnarrTek's Solutions

barcode inventory tracking

The BellHawk Real-Time Materials, Work-in-Process, and Operations Tracking System is based on the use of a set of real-time rules-based expert systems. These expert system:

  1. Enables the system to be configured for a wide-range of applications without needing to customize the BellHawk code.
  2. Enables users to specify the transactions to be used by BellHawk and the specific data to be collected.
  3. Simplifies data collection so that it can be performed by material handlers, machine operators, and other production personnel who are not computer literate and for whom English is a second language. Click Here to Learn More
  4. Enables users to configure the warnings to be given to users when they are about to make an operational or data collection mistake.
  5. Enables IT staff to configure the data exchanged with BellHawk through its BHDEX interface
  6. Enables barcode labels. printed through BellHawk, to be dynamically configured as to layout and contents.

All of these rules are user-configurable by importing the parameters of each rule using Excel spreadsheets. These rule parameters are then saved within BellHawk so they can be accessed by all of BellHawk's users.

Decision Network

The MilramX automated information exchange and decision support software platform uses an Intelligent Agent architecture to intelligently fetch and interpret the latest updates to sources of data that it is monitoring.

In this way MilramX is able to provide the information, in near real-time, that people in different parts of an organization need, rather than just moving data between systems. This information transfer may be in the form of updates to the systems they use or by sending Emails or Text Messages.

Intelligent agents, also known as DTOs or Data Transfer Objects, are small sections of code, each of which is tasked with a particular function, such as moving updates to a specific data object from one system to another or examining the data object to see if an alert should be triggered. These intelligent agents are independently scheduled as many simultaneous data transfers may be required as part of the operations management processes for the enterprise.

Intelligent agents can also automate more complex tasks, such as automatically generating purchase orders, work orders, pick orders and ship orders as new customer orders arrive. They can also be used to learn the parameters of operational models, which can be used, for example, to predict when a customer's order will be completed.

MilramX also uses a rules-based expert system to translate between the complexities of external databases and web-services interfaces and simple HLDOs (High Level Data Objects), which are effectively JSON strings. These are machine independent and easy to manipulate within the DTOs, as well as to use for data exchange between systems.

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