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MilramX - Intelligent Information Exchange Software Platform

MilramX Information Transfer

MilramX is a real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software platform which uses the paradigm of interacting intelligent agents to automatically interpret data from multiple sources, in real-time, in parallel. MilramX then uses the results of the analysis to create actionable plans, schedules, alerts and other information for operations managers and their staff. Some of the resultant information may be sent to other systems, some may result in an update to the MilramX operations management database and some may be used as the basis of Text or Email messages sent to people.


MilramX uses an Intelligent Agent architecture to intelligently fetch and interpret the latest updates to sources of data that it is monitoring in parallel. In this way MilramX is able to provide the information, in near real-time, that people in different parts of an organization need, rather than just moving data between systems. This information transfer may be in the form of updates to the systems they use or by sending Emails or Text Messages.

While MilramX has some similarities to middleware, which exchanges data between many different systems, the primary purpose of MilramX is to use Real-Time AI algorithms to interpret newly available data from a variety of sources and then to use the knowledge embedded in its intelligent agents to decide what to do with the resultant information.

Intelligent agents can automate more complex tasks, such as automatically generating purchase orders, work orders, pick orders and ship orders as new customer orders arrive. They can also be used to learn the parameters of operational models, which can be used, for example, to predict when a customer's order will be completed.

Intelligent Agents can also learn characteristics of process models, such as how long it takes to get materials delivered or how long it takes to make specific products, based on a variety of parameters. This can then be used to more accurately predict expected delivery times for customer orders. The resultant information can also be used to alert managers when delivery or production times are not meeting expectations.

In most industrial operations management applications, MilramX provides over 90% of the needed code, either automatically generated or supplied as code libraries. This enables these applications to be rapidly implemented at much lower cost and in a much shorter time than alternate approaches.

MilramX is available in two versions:

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