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KnarrTek Industrial Real-Time Inventory and Operations Tracking & Management Technology

KnarrTek Work-in-Process Tracking Solutions

In implementing its operations management and tracking systems, KnarrTek uses two software platforms:

BellHawk, which uses technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing to track materials and operations within manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses. In doing this BellHawk tracks the receipt of materials and their put-away. It then tracks the transformation of those materials into finished products, followed by tracking the picking, packing, and shipping of those products to customers.

MilramX, which monitors data updates, such as the arrival of new customer orders, from other systems and then generates purchase orders, material move orders, work orders, and ship orders, which it then sends to the BellHawk tracking system. In response, MilramX gets information updates as to the status of inventory and the transactions that were performed.

MilramX then makes the relevant information available to other systems, as well as sending Text or Email alerts to people, where appropriate. In addition, MilramX provides a management portal through which operations managers can monitor the progress of their projects and generate custom reports.

BellHawk can be used stand alone, with the manual entry of the purchase, pick, work and ship orders, which are used to direct the personnel in the plant or warehouse, as to what data to collect. But it is usually easier to use MilramX to create these orders, either by importing them from another system, such as an ERP system, or by having MilramX automatically generate these orders in response to an arriving customer order.

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