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KnarrTek Systems Implementation Processes

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KnarrTek assists its clients to implement:

1. Real-time Operations, Materials, and Work-in-Process tracking systems, based on the BellHawk software platform.

2. Time-Critical Operations Management and Decision Support Systems based on the MilramX software platform.

These are often implemented together but can, where appropriate, be implemented separately. When implemented together, typically BellHawk is deployed first, to ensure that we have accurate real-time operations and materials tracking data on which to base operations management decision support.

We recognize that KnarrTek's role is to enable its clients to implement technology solutions to their operations management problems.

Properly implemented, these systems can have a very high return on investment both in terms of labor savings and improvements in organizational efficiency.

This is far more than separately providing the needed software, equipment, services, and supplies. Instead, KnarrTek, along with its partners, is committed to implementing whole solutions that truly meets each client's needs.

As such, KnarrTek's approach is to work as a team with each client's managers and staff in implementing these systems and then to provide the ongoing support needed by clients for many years to come.

On the following pages we describe the systems implementation processes used by KnarrTek and the implementation services provided.

These processes and services recognize that, while our clients have a clear idea as to what they want to achieve, from a management viewpoint, they typically do not have the expertise within their organization to implement these complex systems.

Please click here to learn more about the Pilot process used to implement a BellHawk system. This process recognizes that, in most cases BellHawk works, as standard, to meet most of the the operations and materials tracking needs of most organizations.

Please click here to learn more about the Agile Implementation Process used to implement a MilramX based Operations Management Decision Support System.

Please click here to download a PDF describing KnarrTek's Implementation Processes and their benefits.

Please click here to return to the main Support Services page.

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