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BellHawk WIPtracker Work-in-Process Tracking System

BellHawk WIPtracker

Most manufacturing plants have ERP systems and Warehouse Management Systems that do a reasonably good job of tracking the receipt and put away of materials, as well as the shipping of finished products to customers. But, in between, there is often a black hole from when raw materials are withdrawn from inventory for customer jobs and their appearance as finished goods in inventory or they are shipped to customers.

WIPtracker is an integrated Work-in-Process tracking system, based on the proven BellHawk® software, that fills this gap.

WIPtracker is shipped to each manufacturing plant, as a small ruggedized IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) appliance, preloaded with all the software, that most organizations need to track and manage their work-in-process operations.

WIPtracker is ideal for manufacturers making custom and semi-custom products in small batches with a quick-turnaround from order to shipment.

The WIPtracker appliance, with all needed software, is priced at $700/month, plus $20/month for each data capture device in use, plus $30/month for each manager login.

Please click here to learn more about:

  1.  "How WIPtracker can be installed and used without needing on-site IT Support"
  2. "How WIPtracker can automatically exchange data with a wide-range of ERP and other Systems"
  3. "How WIPtracker tracks Work-in-Process Materials"
  4. "How WIPtracker Tracks Nested Containers with Multiple Different Parts"
  5. "What WIPtracker Tracks"
  6. "Benefits of WIPTracker"
  7. "WIPtracker Implementation Process"

 Download a PDF Data Sheet on the BellHawk WIPtracker IIOT Work-in-Process Tracking System

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