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What WIPtracker Tracks

Work Order

WIPtracker starts with:

Work Order

WIPtracker then tracks:

  1. Receipt, labeling, and put away of materials ordered for each customer job.
  2. Picking of materials for each work order operation including withdrawal from common stock inventory.
  3. Consumption of materials on each work order operation and return to stock of left-over materials.
  4. Production of WIP materials and their consumption on other job steps.
  5. The location of each box, tote, cart, pallet or other container of WIP materials. This includes tracking the location in inventory of left-over materials so they can be reused on other jobs.
  6. Left over materials such as reels of wire, rolls of paper, and sheets of steel, so the system knows the length and width of the materials left over in each reel, roll, or sheet.
  7. Production and labeling of finished products to the specific needs of each job and customer.
  8. Packing and labeling of finished products ready for shipment, including generating advanced shipment notice data for each mixed pallet.
Work Order

In addition, WIPtracker can:

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