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WIPtracker Implementation Process

WIPtracker Implementation
  1. Pilot. Clients start out by using BellHawk on a trial basis through KnarrTek's BellHawk Online service to prove out how to track client's work in process using client-provided test scenarios and data. Clients only pay for support services during this phase.
  2. Deployment. Complete setup of software. Movement of pilot BellHawk software and database to IIOT appliance and its deployment on-site. Selection and acquisition of needed equipment. Training of users. Clients pay for needed support services and then software rental fees after system goes live.
  3. Integration. Definition of data to be exchanged and its high-level data object representation. Coding of MilramX data transfer objects. Testing of data transfers. Typically, this will take place in parallel with Deployment Phase. Clients will pay for an initial interface design phase followed by an implementation phase.

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