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KnarrTek uses two software platforms when implementing real-time operations tracking and management solutions for its clients:

  1. MilramX, which is a real-time AI software platform that incorporates decision support and automated decision making capabilities , as well as automating information exchange with other systems.
  2. BellHawk which performs automated data collection and operations tracking in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and field sites.

While both BellHawk and MilramX can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other systems, they are often used together, as there are built-in interfaces to facilitate automated exchange of information between them.

In industrial organizations, MilramX can be used for analyzing the incoming flow of customer orders from multiple sources and then converting this into a flow of purchase, receiving, manufacturing, picking, packing and shipping orders, which are sent to systems like BellHawk for action.

MilramX can also exchange information with ERP/accounting systems, as well as with engineering design/CAD systems and with supplier systems, to facilitate the processing of customer orders.

Operational order and materials status information, from a system like BellHawk, can be imported by MilramX and exported to other systems, which need this information, as well as to customer and other supply-chain systems. This same data can also be used to provide real-time status information for operations managers, as well as to generate text message or Email alerts when there are situations they need to pay attention to.

Because BellHawk is based on a common manufacturing and distribution model, it can be used to unify the process of handling customer orders from many different sources. This includes automatically generating the correct barcode labels for many different customer requirements, as well as performing dynamic real-time scheduling of operations.

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