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KnarrTek uses two software platforms when implementing Materials Tracking and Decision Support Solutions for its clients:

BellHawk® - a real-time Job and Materials Tracking software platform which uses technologies such as barcode and RFID scanning and mobile computing to track containers of material and serialized items in multiple different locations, including outdoors. It is primarily to solve materials tracking problems which cannot be solved using conventional inventory, job, and asset tracking systems, which track materials by location. These BellHawk applications include tracking work-in-process, collecting materials traceability data, tracking multiple different materials on a pallet, in a tote, or in a shipping container, preventing mistakes and accurately costing make-to-order products.

MilramX - real-time decision support software platform which is used to exchange information consumed and produced by BellHawk with a wide variety of other systems within an organizations IT infrastructure as well as its supply chain trading partners. MilramX uses an intelligent-agent paradigm to enable many different data transfers to take place at the same time. MilramX can also monitor data from many sources in real-time and use the information it derives to send text messages or Emails to people who need to be alerted when specific situations arise. MilramX is also used in applications such as automatically planning what materials to make and buy in response to an incoming flow of customer orders..

Together these software platforms can be used to automatically plan and schedule manufacturing, distribution, and installation operations, including those at multiple different geographic locations, as well as to help ensure that customer orders get delivered on time.

BellHawk can be configured to meet most materials tracking and traceability requirements working "out-of-the-box" but is designed to be easily customized to meet application-specific requirements if needed.

Interfaces to many systems can be quickly implemented by writing Python scripts for MilramX intelligent agents with most of the interfacing code either provided or automatically generated by the MilramX software platform. This can be done by the customer's own staff, or by the staff at KnarrTek.

BellHawk is available "in the Cloud" on a quarterly subscription basis, over the Internet, on Windows Servers in the USA managed by KnarrTek. This is ideal for smaller customers who do not have their own IT staff.

BellHawk and MilramX are also available on an annual rental basis for installation on a customer's own computers. This is ideal for mid-sized organizations, which have their own IT staff.

Both software packages are also available for purchase by larger organization that need to embed BellHawk and MilramX within their own IT ecosystem.

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KnarrTek's software is based on KnarrTek's Artificial Intelligence Technology which KnarrTek also uses for implementing custom operations management and decision support systems for its clients.

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