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KnarrTek uses two software platforms when implementing supply chain materials  tracking and traceability solutions for its clients:

  1. BellHawk which performs automated real-time data collection and materials tracking in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and field sites using barcode, RFID, and mobile computing technologies. BellHawk also performs generation of GS1 compliant barcodes on demand, as well as maintaining materials tracking and traceability history for each site.
  2. MilramX, which performs automated intelligent information exchange with other systems. MilramX monitors and analyzes data from multiple sources and send the resultant information to other systems. In materials traceability applications, MilramX collects materials traceability data from upstream trading partners and forwards this to BellHawk, where it is integrated with locally collected data. MilramX also forwards the resultant combined materials traceability data stream  to downstream trading partners.

While both BellHawk and MilramX can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other systems, they are often used together, as there are built-in interfaces to facilitate automated exchange of information between them.

BellHawk is an orders-based system in which Purchase, Receiving, Materials Movement, Work, Manufacturing, Picking, Packing and Shipping orders are used to simplify data collection, as well as directing people what they should be working on. These same orders enable the generation of warnings to prevent mistakes, such as using or shipping the wrong materials.

These orders can be directly entered into BellHawk but are more frequently imported into BellHawk from other systems, via MilramX. In industrial organizations, MilramX can be used for analyzing the incoming flow of customer orders from multiple sources and then converting this into a flow of orders, which are sent to BellHawk for action.

KnarrTek's software runs on Windows Workstation and Server platforms and can be installed on-site or used in the Cloud. A variety of interfaces exist for automated data exchange with ERP and other systems.

The BellHawk data collection software is FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant, as well as GS1 barcode label and RFID data capture compliant. It can print GS1 compliant barcode labels on a wide variety of barcode label printers as well as encode RFID tags in GS1 compliant format.

Secure data file exchange with supply chain trading partners, in EDI and EPCIS formats, can be performed by MilramX using encrypted SFTP and AS2 protocols. In addition, secure SOAP/XML and HTTPS web-browser interfaces are available.

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