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KnarrTek Equipment

At the core of most systems implemented by KnarrTek is the BellHawk software.

The BellHawk software enables real-time materials and operations data to be captured using web-browser mobile devices equipped with barcode and/or RFID scanners. This data can be captured and viewed anywhere there is an internet connection.

BellHawk supports data capture from RFID portals, weighing scales, and process control lines through IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) computers. BellHawk can also print barcode labels or encode RFID tags on demand, again using an IIOT computer.

BellHawk itself can be run in an IIOT computer located at each site or on a Windows Server computer running at a remote data center. It supports a MilramX based interface (MDEX) through which it can exchange data with front-office systems as well as used to produce custom reports.

BellHawk is available on a rental or subscription basis. To complement this, KnarrTek's partners rent and sell a range of compatible data collection equipment, selected to meet the specific needs of each client.

This include the ruggedized IIOT computers into which KnarrTek's software can be preloaded before shipment to the client as well as equipment, such as weighing scales and barcode label printers.

Through its partners, KnarrTek can also supply a full-range of needed supplies, such as pre-printed rolls of tracking barcodes and/or RFID tags, warehouse rack labels, and ruggedized labels and tags suitable for mounting on carts, totes and other assets.

In this way, KnarrTek can provide complete materials and operations tracking solutions on a turnkey basis without our clients needing to devote the time of their valuable staff members and managers to managing these implementation projects.

For more details about the specific equipment and supplies recommended for your specific project, please select the [Contact Us] button below.

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