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BellHawk Technology Architecture

BellHawk Systems Architecture

BellHawk is real-time data capture software which is used for work-in-process, operations and materials tracking in manufacturing plants and industrial warehouses. BellHawk can be run on a Windows Server at a client's own data center or on a subscription basis, in-the-Cloud, through KnarrTek's BellHawk Online service.

Alternately, if it is desired to not rely on the Internet for real-time manufacturing and warehouse operations tracking and management for security or reliability reasons, then BellHawk can be run on a ruggedized windows IIOT based industrial computer in each plant or warehouse, in a BellHawk-in-a-Box Configuration.

In its simplest form, a BellHawk based system consists of:

  1. The BellHawk software, which consists of a specialized BellHawk website and SQL Server database running on a Windows Server computer or Windows IIOT Enterprise industrial computer. All user interactions takes place through the website interface using web-browser based devices and all tracking data is captured in the SQL server database.
  2. Ruggedized mobile computers, tablets and PDAs, usually with integral barcode scanners, which are used to capture data by means of barcode scanning. These use a web-browser to communicate with the server over a plant wireless network, the Internet, and/or a mobile phone data network and thus do not need any special software to be loaded onto the devices.
  3. PCs equipped with corded or cordless Bluetooth scanner which can be used to capture data by barcode scanning using a web-browser.
  4. PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones that can be used to view and control operations from anywhere and at any time they have an internet connection to the Windows Server, through a web-browser interface.
  5. PCs that are used, through a web-browser interface, to run reports, enter system setup data, and perform Excel imports and exports. PCs are also used to enter receiving orders, work orders, pick/move orders, and ship orders and to monitor their progress.

BellHawk can be used on its own, with manual entry of receiving, work, pick/move, and ship orders or it can exchange data with a wide variety of other systems by means of an interface to the Industrial Customer Order Management (ICOM) system . There is also a remote interface which enables users to exchange data in the BellHawk database with a database on their desktop PCs for the purpose of generating custom reports or Excel exports.

BellHawk is designed for data capture by materials handlers, machine operators, and other production workers who are not computer literate or for whom English is a second language. It does this by using Artificial Intelligence to minimize the amount of data entry required, by leading the user step by step through data entry, and by only taking in one entry at a time and then immediately checking the entry to warn the user if they are about to make an operational or data entry mistake. This enables operations and inventory data to be captured in real-time with minimal intervention by managers and supervisors. Click Here to Learn More

In its simplest form, BellHawk does not need the use of barcode label printers as it can print out barcoded receiving order sheets, work order travelers, pick orders, and ship orders on office laser printers. BellHawk can also use rolls of pre-printed barcode labels for the purpose of tracking containers of material. But, where automated printing of situation specific barcode labels, with human readable information which is based on the contents of the BellHawk database, is required then the BellHawk TAG rules-based label printing solution should be used.

For those situations where there is a need to capture data from fixed station barcode scanners, RFID location tracking stations, or to exchange data with process control or test equipment then the BellHawk DEXBox shop-floor data collection solution should be used.

BellHawk supports an external store and forward interface named DEX. This enables external systems to remotely exchange data with BellHawk, including enabling users to create their own custom reports. DEX is available in two versions, a desktop DEX that enables PC users to interact with a "mirror" copy of the BellHawk database and a server version that is used for exchanging data 24x7 with external systems, such as ERP and accounting systems. Please click here to learn more about the BellHawk DEX Interface,

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