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KnarrTek provides support services for three levels of clients:

  1. Entry-level. These clients use the BellHawk software, typically on a stand-alone basis, through KnarrTek's BellHawk Online Cloud-based service on servers managed by KnarrTek. This is ideal for smaller organizations, without their own IT staff, who are looking for a simple low-cost subscription service with limited expenditure on support services.
  2. Industrial-Level. These clients typically operate a single site. They install the BellHawk software on their own computers and integrate BellHawk with their ERP or accounting system, as well as possibly with other systems, using MilramX. Here the integration may be done by the staff of KnarrOps, the client's own IT staff, or a joint team. Typically, limited customizations are made to BellHawk and the software is licensed on an annual rental basis. Typically these clients spend tens of thousands of dollars in non-recurring services for implementing and integrating a materials tracking solution.
  3. Enterprise-Level. These clients are similar to Industrial-Level clients except they typically have multiple warehouses and/or manufacturing plants. These systems typically integrate with some form of Business Intelligence software to give an enterprise-wide view of the status of their materials and operations. In this case, clients typically purchase a license to the software and the software is extensively customized to meet the needs of the enterprise. Customizations and integrations may be done by the staff of KnarrTek, the client's own IT staff, or a joint team. For large organizations, with an in-house software development team, source code licenses are available.

We recognize that smaller organizations do not have the expertise and their people do not have the time available to manage the implementation of a job and materials tracking and tracking system. In this case, the KnarrTek team can do a needs analysis, systems design and then manage the implementation of a turnkey system, including providing on-site training and go-live support all while minimizing activities which would distract from shipping products out of the door.

We also recognize that large organizations have IT Departments which want to mange these projects themselves, including procurement of equipment and implementation of interfaces to their other systems. In this case the KnarrTek team provides expert advise, the needed software, installation and customization support, and train-the-trainer support.

But, we also provide support for departments within large organizations that have a specific materials tracking or operations management problem they need to solve but do not wish to involve corporate IT or where corporate IT staff is to busy to address what to them is a small problem. In this case we provide a stand-alone solution based on our BellHawk Online cloud-based service, which does not require involvement of the Corporate IT staff.

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