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BellHawk Online Service

BellHawk Online Architecture

BellHawk Online offers a cost-effective solution for organizations who need a simple container-based inventory, asset, or production operations tracking system. With this service, users from multiple organizations share the use of Windows Server computers managed by KnarrTek.

There are two alternatives:

BITS is limited to using preprinted barcode tracking labels and less than 2,000 active containers of material or assets. SPTS is limited to 1,000 open work orders.

The only available interface for these systems is the Remote Desktop Interface.

It is recommended that organizations with more extensive requirements use BellHawk running on an IIOT ruggedized computer at their own site.

Please click here to download the data sheets for:

BellHawk Online Barcode Inventory Tracking (BITS) System

BellHawk Online Simple Production Tracking System (SPTS) System

BITS and SPTS are an excellent starting point for smaller organizations looking to transition from the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to barcode data collection.

As each user of BITS or SPTS gets their own private website and database, when using BellHawk Online, these can be easily transitioned to BellHawk running in an IIOT box when needed.

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