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KnarrTek Materials Tracking and Traceability Solutions

materials traceabiity process

KnarrTek assists its clients to implement materials tracking and traceability solutions, based on the use of its Job and Materials Tracking Software (JMTS) These systems are primarily used in a variety of manufacturing applications, where they are use to track:

Applications include tracking and tracing the manufacture of:

These solutions are also used for tracking the Repair of Systems and Components that could impact human health or safety such as airplane subsystems, telecom assets, and medical instruments.  They are also used in Laboratory Applications.

They enable rapid trace back from defective products to the components and raw materials used in their manufacture or repair. They also enable rapid tracing forward of all effected products that incorporate potentially defective parts or raw material lots.

JMTS can be used to rapidly implement materials tracking and traceability solutions based on its capabilities, for License-Plate-Number Container Tracking. KnarrTek also uses the MilramX software to implement systems to exchange supply-chain materials tracking and traceability data with suppliers, customers, and distribution organizations.

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