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Construction Applications of BellHawk

Building Construction

KnarrTek provides real-time work-in-process and materials tracking systems for organizations that manufacture building materials for the construction industry. BellHawk specializes in providing tracking systems for those organizations that make or process custom and semi-custom parts to order.

Applications have included:

In such applications, the BellHawk software:

  1. Tracks the receipt, storage, and movement of building materials between multiple geographic locations, including stock-rooms, warehouses, yards, and construction sites.
  2. Tracks materials by length, width, color and other user defined parameters with a common part number.
  3. Tracks the issuance, movement, and return of tools and other assets, including the locations of tools,  who they are issued to, and which truck they are on.
  4. Provides a real-time view of the status of all materials and tools at all locations anywhere there is an internet connection on tablets, PCs, and smart-phones.
  5. Tracks the cutting, welding, fabrication, painting, and assembly of architectural elements and retains a traceability record in case problems subsequently occur and it is necessary to establish legal liability.
  6. Automatically generates barcode labels to accurately identify each component, sub-assembly and assembly to be installed on site.
  7. Records the packing of materials to be shipped to site, including generation of barcode labels
  8. Tracks the loading of materials and tools onto  trucks and keeps a permanent record of what was shipped to site in case disputes subsequently arise as to what was shipped.
  9. Can track the receipt of materials on site, their storage in different locations on site, and their installation.
  10. Tracks the return of materials and tools from job sites.

Materials tracking systems provided byKnarrTek for the construction industry perform data capture using of ruggedized mobile computers, with embedded barcode scanners, tablets, laptops, and PCs with Bluetooth connected barcode scanners.

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