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KnarrTek Real-Time Operations Tracking & Management Solutions

KnarrTek Ops Tracking and Mgt Layers

KnarrTek provides software and supporting services to enable its clients to implement operations tracking and management solutions for situations where conventional inventory, asset, or job tracking, warehouse management or ERP systems alone cannot meet their needs, without extensive customization.

Some of the capabilities that KnarrTek's software adds include:

  1. Ability to track operations in real-time at multiple locations, both inside and outside, using technologies such as barcode scanning, RFID, and mobile computing.
  2. Ability to see the real-time status of customer orders, inventory, assets, work-in-process, and shipments, including those at multiple geographic locations.
  3. Preventing mistakes by providing point-of-action feedback to equipment operators and materials handlers when they are about to make an operational mistake.
  4. Alerting managers by text message or Email when customer orders are running late, inventory needs to be reordered, or some other event has occurred, or failed to occur, which they need to pay attention to.
  5. Automatically exchanging relevant operations tracking and management information with QuickBooks plus trade-partner supply chain systems, as well as with engineering design/CAD systems.
  6. Tracking work-in-process as it flows from one manufacturing operation to another and then extracting materials traceability data for regulatory compliance as well as the actual cost of making each product.
  7. Automatically generating purchase orders, manufacturing, and shipping orders from an incoming customer order flow, including assigning work orders to different manufacturing plants and ship orders to different warehouses.

KnarrTek's solutions are used by a wide-range of manufacturing and industrial distribution organizations, as well as by organizations in the food, medical and construction supply chains.

KnarrTek's solutions are frequently used:

  1. When organizations need to transition from the use of paper forms and Excel spreadsheets to automated data capture
  2. When an organization needs to prevent operational mistakes.
  3. When an organization needs to comply with requests from their customers for product data and shipment status.

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