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KnarrTek Inventory and Operations Tracking Solutions

KnarrTek's mission is to provide time and cost saving software solutions for managers and their staff in manufacturing plants and industrial distribution warehouses. These solutions include:




Inventory Tracking &
Warehouse Management
Work-in-Progress &
Operations Tracking
Materials Tracking &Traceability Operations Management &
Supply-Chain Management

KnarrTek provides software and supporting services to enable its clients in the industrial, food, and medical supply chains to track and manage their inventory and operations in real-time.

KnarrTek is especially focused on tracking and managing work-in-process in manufacturing plants and inventory in warehouses, with an emphasis on making sure that customer orders get delivered on-time, without mistakes or defects.

Some of the things that KnarrTek's  systems track in real-time include:

KnarrTek's software automatically integrates this information with data from other systems, such as ERP, CAD, CRM, supply-chain, and E-Commerce systems, to avoid duplicate data entry and to provide operations managers with the real-time information they need to quickly make good management decisions. This avoid managers wasting time hunting for the needed information by wading through stacks of reports or spending countless hours in "coordination" meetings .

KnarrTek systems then use Artificial Intelligence to alert managers when situations occur that they need to pay attention. This saves many hours looking at screens, reading reports, or "walking the floor" trying to spot issues before they become major problems.

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