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KnarrTek Supply-Chain Materials Tracking & Traceability Solutions

FDA Compliant Supply Chain Materials Tracking & Traceability Solutions

Track and Trace Applications

KnarrTek, as a GS1 Solution Partner, provides the expertise, services and affordable technology to enable its clients to comply with FDA, DSCSA, FSMA and other regulatory requirements. help with regulatory requirements

Real-Time Inventory, Asset, and Work-in-Process Tracking Systems

Job and Materials Tracking

KnarrTek provides affordable real-time materials tracking systems which use barcode, RFID, Real-Time AI and mobile computing technologies and which can work with a wide range of ERP & CAD systems. help with regulatory requirements

KnarrTek specializes in assisting family-owned businesses comply with the ever-increasing complexity of government regulations and mandated standards by providing affordable & cost saving supply-chain materials tracking and traceability solutions.

The goals of KnarrTek's solutions are to:

  1. Minimize the risk of harm to people from defective products
  2. Quickly Detect the Source of Problems caused by:
    • Manufacturing Defects & Mistakes
    • Contamination & Bio-Terrorism
    • Gray Market & Counterfeit Products
    • Product Maintenance Issues
  3. Enable Organizations to Quickly Stop Making & Distributing Defective Products
  4. Minimize Scope of Defective Product Recalls
    • Speed Recalls
    • Limit Economic Damage
  5. Process Improvement
    • Prevent future defects
    • Prevent future mistakes

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