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Integrating Information Exchange within the Enterprise and Supply Chain

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KnarrTek uses the MilramX Automated Information Exchange Software Platform to implement automated information exchange applications.

These applications integrate the industrial enterprise and its supply chains, with the goal of: "Making sure that everyone in the organization, as well as their customers and suppliers, has the information they need, when they need it."

MilramX is a real-time AI platform that uses the paradigm of collaborating intelligent agents that:

  1. Extract updates to data stored in databases, or accessed through web-services interfaces, in the systems used by different departments within an organization.
  2. Analyze and interpret this data, using a variety of AI techniques, to produce actionable information.
  3. Use this information to update systems used by other people in different departments.
  4. Alert people by Email or Text message that there is an issue that they need to pay attention to.

Some examples of how this can save industrial organizations a large amount of money include:

Please click here for details as to How MilramX is used with the BellHawk Work-in-Process and Materials Tracking Software.

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