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How MilramX is used with the BellHawk Work-in-Process, Job and Materials Tracking Software

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MilramX exchanges data with BellHawk, either by directly accessing its database, or more usually through its web-services interface.

The DEX/MDEX Automated Data Exchange Interface is a special version of MilramX is used by the KnarrTek standard Job and Materials Tracking Software (JMTS) to provide a simple interface for producing custom reports and exchanging data with external systems.

Through its BellHawk interface adaptor, MilramX can be setup to periodically look for new data in specified tables in the BellHawk materials and work-in-process tracking database and to interpret this data to:

The MilramX software can also used to read data from tables in external databases, or from their web-services interfaces, and to automatically send the resultant information to BellHawk.

MilramX also forms the basis of the DEX interface which enables remotely reading and writing tables in the BellHawk database by reading and writing tables in a SQL database on a Windows Workstation running in each plant or warehouse.

Please click here for more information about the  MilramX Automated Information Exchange Software Platform.

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