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KnarrTek Intelligent Customer Order Management Systems

KnarrTek Inventory and Operations Tracking Solutions

ICOM is based on KnarrTek’s MilramX Intelligent Agent Software platform. ICOM uses Intelligent Agents, written as Python scripts, which run 24x7, continuously replanning and rescheduling operations as new orders arrive. These Agents also monitor operations and alert managers when their intervention is required.

These Intelligent Agents can easily be modified to meet the specific needs of each organization, either by the technical staff of KnarrTek or by the client’s own staff.

An important aspect of implementing a KnarrTek ICOM is codifying existing or desired operational procedures as Python scripts. This enable incremental process improvements to be quickly tested out, with the Python scripts serving a permanent record of the process details.

As a result, a KnarrTek ICOM is ideal for manufacturing and distribution organizations that are struggling to retain their institutional knowledge about how to plan and schedule their operations, as senior people retire or move elsewhere. By encoding this institutional knowledge in intelligent agent scripts, a KnarrTek ICOM can capture this know-how and automatically apply it when the people with that know-how are long gone.

A KnarrTek ICOM replaces the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) technology embedded in most ERP systems. While these MRP algorithms work well for long-run, make-to-stock manufacturing organizations, they are not suitable for use in short-run, quick-response, make-to-order manufacturing operations.

This is because MRP systems require the ability to plan material purchases and manufacturing operations for weeks and months into the future, with no subsequent changes allowed. They also need accurate sales forecasts for the months ahead, neither of which are possible for most manufacturers in the USA.

A KnarrTek ICOM can be used with existing ERP systems, to enable these systems to be used for short run, quick response manufacturing. It can also be used to extend the capabilities of accounting systems, such as QuickBooks to give them ERP-like capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a comparable ERP system.

Please click here to learn more about the Implementation Process for an ICOM system.

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