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KnarrTek Process for Implementing ICOM Systems

Implementation Meeting

These MilramX based systems are often implemented with one or more BellHawk tracking systems but can be used without BellHawk, where appropriate.

The first step in the implementation of such a system is for KnarrTek staff members to work with the client to determine the management goals for the system and the functions it will perform. It is important to recognize, however, that this system design is for guidance only and that the details may change over time, as systems implementation proceeds incrementally.

Based on this document, the overall project is divided into implementation phases, with each phase having a specific operational goal. Within each phase there may be a number of activities:

  1. Detailed design of interfaces, screens, reports, and DTOs.
  2. Implementing interfaces to one or more systems, including custom Excel imports. This may be done by an external system reading and writing data exchange tables within MilramX database structure or by using intelligent agent DTOs (Data Transfer Objects).
  3. Writing intelligent agent DTOs within MilramX to exchange data between interfaces so as to automatically move information from one system to another.
  4. Writing DTOs to examine data within the MilramX database and send Text and Email alerts to managers and their staff, when required.
  5. Writing user screen to interact with the Inventory and Operations Management (IOM) database within MilramX.
  6. Writing DTOs to exchange data between the IOM database and the data exchange tables for the external systems.
  7. Creating custom reports and Excel exports based on data captured by MilramX

After the detailed design task of each phase, KnarrTek will prepare an estimated schedule and budget for the implementation of the phase, which will need to be approved by the client before implementation proceeds.

It is important to recognize that, rather than write a detailed specification for the overall system, or even for each phase, an agile development method is used where the client tests the software as implementation proceeds and makes adjustments to their requirements as the deployment proceeds.

It is also important to recognize that with this evolutionary approach it can take many months or even several years to fully deploy a system that meets a broad swath of organizational requirements.

Clients are expected to pay incrementally for the services they need from the KnarrTek team as well as to pay rental fees for the software licenses for those features of MilramX they are using operationally.

Coding of DTOs, Interfaces, and User Screens is done using the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Development Environment. While over 90% of the needed code for typical applications is provided by the MilramX framework, there is still a significant amount of software development needed.

This software development is typically provided by KnarrTek's technical staff.

Alternately, for the IT departments of large clients and systems integration organizations, with appropriate programming skills, that wish to do their own software development, the MilramX software platform is also available as a .Net software development kit (SDK).

For such development, KnarrTek can train the client's programmers in the use of the MilramX SDK, provide systems design expertise, and assist the client's software development team as issues arise with the use of MilramX.

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