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In implementing real-time industrial materials tracking and management systems for its clients, KnarrTek uses two software platforms:

BellHawk® - Real-Time Industrial Operations Tracking System

MilramX - Real-Time Operations Management Decision Support System

BellHawk can be deployed in three ways:

  1. Through the BellHawk Online service operated by KnarrTek - this is a low-cost way of deploying BellHawk on shared Windows servers at secure data centers managed by KnarrTek. This service is designed for smaller organizations with limited operational tracking requirements and costs between $400/month and about $1,200/month depending on the number of users. It is ideal for smaller organizations and departments within larger organizations that do not have, or wish to use, local IT support.
  2. On a dedicated Windows server, either managed by KnarrTek at a secure data center or by their own IT department within the client's own data center. This is ideal for client's with larger data collection loads and especially those wishing to run MilramX Lite on the same server as BellHawk, in order to exchange information with other systems. Cost is typically between $1,000 and $2,000 per month for BellHawk plus $250/month if KnarrTek is doing the hosting.
  3. On a dedicated Windows Enterprise IIOT (ruggedized industrial internet of things) computer located at each site. Costs about the same as a dedicated Windows server but the cost to rent a supported IIOT box from KnarrTek is only about $100/month. The advantage of this configuration is that data collection operations can continue even if the Internet is down.

With BellHawk, Barcode data collection can be performed using any device that has an integral or internal barcode scanner, through BellHawk's web-browser interface. This enables data capture to take place at multiple sites over multiple different communication links.

When different custom barcode labels have to be printed out in real-time, based on factors such customer, product, lot and serial number, and expiration date, then the BellHawk tag label printing software is run within a small Windows IIOT enterprise computer, along with the BarTender label printing software. TAG periodically interrogates the label printing queue through the BellHawk web-services interface and then prints out the custom labels on a wide variety of barcode label printers, at high speed over the local area network. Because TAG performs its interrogation over the internet, this solution can be used when BellHawk is running remotely as well as when it is running in a local IIOT computer.

A similar IIOT computer approach is used to capture data from weighing scales, process control lines and test stands and to integrate these within the BellHawk operations tracking database.

MilramX Enterprise can be run on a Windows Server at a secure data center, with its own web-browser interface. Alternately MilramX Lite can be run on the same computer as BellHawk and share BellHawk's web-browser user interface.

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