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KnarrTek Deployment Costs and Savings

In implementing supply-chain materials tracking and traceability solutions for its clients, KnarrTek uses two software platforms:

BellHawk® - Real-Time Materials Tracking and Traceability

MilramX - Intelligent Information Exchange

BellHawk can be deployed in four ways:

  1. Through the BellHawk Online service operated by KnarrTek - for small organizations, this is a low-cost way of using BellHawk on shared Windows servers managed by KnarrTek at secure data centers in the USA.
  2. On a dedicated Windows server, at a secure third-party data center or within the client's own data center. Here data capture is over the internet.
  3. On a dedicated Windows Enterprise IIOT (ruggedized industrial internet of things) computer located at each site, such as in a warehouse or in a manufacturing plant. Here data capture is over the local area network.
  4. On a dedicated Windows IIOT data collection device using BSAF so that materials tracking data can be collected where there is no internet communications, such as on a construction site, farm, or field service site.

A BellHawk materials data collection and tracking system costs $400 per month plus $30/month per user login and $25 per shared data collection device. Optional modules, such as for WIP/Job tracking, quality control, warehouse management, and barcode label printing cost between $50/month and $200/month each.

The exception to this is BSAF, which is priced at $200/month per device, but does require a MilramX Enterprise server with which to exchange data.

MilramX is typically deployed on a multi-threaded Windows Server computer, which can be virtual for smaller loads. MilramX Enterprise, to run on such a server, costs $500/month plus $200/month for AS2 communications support. This is for an unlimited number of end-point connections with other systems. Also a MilramX Lite version of MilramX is available to run on the same IIOT computer as BellHawk for $50/month. MilramX Lite is typically used for communications between BellHawk and ERP and QuickBooks systems over a common local area network.

Cost savings from using KnarrTek's software over using paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and duplicate data entry into multiple systems, typically ranges from one to five full-time equivalent (FTE) people at a cost of $6,000/month in loaded labor costs. This does not include cost savings from preventing mistakes or increased sales from being able to meet customer expectations for on-time delivery and error-free supply-chain data exchange.

The cost of KnarrTek's implementation services, as well as purchasing the needed barcode scanning and label printing devices, and any needed IIOT computers, is typically paid for by labor cost savings within 6 months. Thereafter cost savings can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

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