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KnarrTek Industrial Operations Tracking & Management Solutions

KnarrTek solves the problem of organizations drowning in paperwork by automating the capture of operational data, such as inventory and production data and the status of customer orders.  It then uses this real-time data, combined with time-critical AI technology, to reduce time wasted in unnecessary meetings and in performing operations management tasks that are better suited to computers.

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The KnarrTek software enables the transition from the use of paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and after the fact manual keyboard data entry into ERP or accounting systems, with real-time data capture using technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computers.

KnarrTek Work-in-Process Tracking Solutions

This enables manufacturers and industrial distributors to transition from after the fact reporting about what went wrong yesterday to being able to see the status of customer orders, project inventory, work-in-process, jobs and materials in real-time anywhere they have an Internet connection.

KnarrTek Work-in-Process Tracking Solutions

The KnarrTek operations management software then uses this information to make sure that everyone in an organization gets the real-time information they need to do their jobs efficiently without wasting time in duplicate data entry, unnecessary meetings, or in data analysis and routine planning and scheduling activities which could be much more efficiently done by computer.

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