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KnarrTek Suppply Chain Materials Tracking & Traceability Solutions

KnarrTek Work-in-Process Tracking Solutions

Major problems that KnarrTek's clients have needed to solve include:

  1. Keeping track of their operations in real-time so as to ensure customer orders get shipped on time, this includes alerting managers and their staff when things go wrong.
  2. Efficiently processing a continual inflow of customer orders, from a wide variety of sources, for semi-custom products, with short delivery times.
  3. Automatically meeting their customers requirements for supply chain information, especially as it relates to materials tracking and traceability.
  4. Planning and scheduling just-in-time operations and lean inventory use in real-time.
  5. Inability to hire and retain enough skilled people at an affordable cost to manage their operations.

KnarrTek is able to implement solutions to these and other operations management problems that have a return on investment of significantly less than one year . This ROI comes from the saving in the overhead cost of people needed to process, plan, schedule and track customer orders, in manufacturing plants and warehouses, as well as at construction and other customer sites. Decision Support Solutions

KnarrTek is able to achieve this cost savings through the use of its BellHawk real-time operations tracking and KnarrTek operations management decision support software platforms, which typically provide over 90% of the requirements of each client working "out of the box". KnarrTek's expert staff can then quickly tailor these solutions to the specific needs of each client by using the real-time AI capabilities built into each of these software platforms.

KnarrTek Work-in-Process Tracking Solutions

Some of the steps that KnarrTek's team follows  in solving these problems are:

  1. Initial evaluation by video meeting - to see if KnarrTek has a solution that makes business sense
  2. On-site evaluation of customer  problem by a KnarrTek expert. This results in a report describing how to solve the problem, with detailed systems design and budgetary costs. These solution reports are typically for a multi-phase deployment with detailed cost for the first phase.
  3. Implementing a system to gather the data needed for real-time decision support. This may be a BellHawk system to replace paper forms and Excel spreadsheets to capture the needed real-time data and/or a MilramX based system for implementing interfaces to one or more other systems to gather the needed data.
  4. Implementing a user interface to an operations management database, collected by MilramX, to enable operations managers and their staff to interact with data collected by BellHawk and MilramX. This includes evaluating incoming data against plans and schedules and alerting operations managers and their staff when things go wrong.
  5. Implementing MilramX intelligent agents to automatically process customer orders in real-time, do real-time planning, scheduling, and operations monitoring, and to update other enterprise and supply-chain systems with the requisite information.

Please click here to learn more about KnarrTek's Solution Deployment options and their approximate costs.

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