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BellHawk SPTS Reports and Data Exchange

SPTS comes with a set of standard reports, in the form of PDF or Excel exports. These are limited to 1000 records per report or Excel export, again for performance reasons, on a shared computer.

SPTS Reports

KnarrTek's staff can customize the reports or Excel spreadsheets for each client to meet their specific needs, as part of its support services. But, for those SPTS users who need larger Excel exports or to create their own custom reports, the Remote Desktop Interface (RDI) is available.

BITS Reports

The RDI software uses the free Microsoft SQL Server Express database server to create and maintain a copy of selected tables within the BellHawk database on a local data exchange database (DEX) on a user's desktop PC.

 Users can then use Excel to create their own exports from this database or can use third party reporting software, or programs written in a language such as Python, to generate their own custom reports from the DEX database.

With the RDI, data written into the DEX database can also be automatically exported to BellHawk enabling the transfer of setup data into the BellHawk database from Excel spreadsheets.

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