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BellHawk Simple Production Tracking System (SPTS)

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The KnarrTek Simple Production Tracking System (SPTS) is a simple-to-use barcode tracking system, offered as part of KnarrTek's BellHawk Online service.

Its intended users are smaller organizations that need an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to track manufacturing operations.

SPTS is a simple-to-use system that uses barcode scanning to track the progress of work orders through a sequence of operations. SPTS also captures the labor expended by individual people or teams on each operation.

SPTS is designed for use in manufacturing, fabrication, engineering, construction, assembly, repair and other industrial organizations.

SPTS gives a real-time view of the status of work-in-progress and captures the labor expended for subsequent analysis. Management users can print out reports or download Excel exports giving the status of work-in-progress and showing how long work orders are held up between operations.

All user interaction is performed using web-browser based devices thereby avoiding the need to install custom software in each device.

Barcode data collection can be performed using devices such as PCs or Android tablets that have external corded or cordless barcode scanners which are used for data capture. Data capture devices can also include ruggedized mobile computers, with integral barcode scanners, as well smart phones with a Bluetooth barcode-scanning attachments. Data viewing, in the form of screens and reports, can also be performed over the Internet using these same devices.

A subscription to SPTS, is priced at $300/month, plus $20/month for each data capture device in use, plus $30/month for each manager login. This is based on annual prepayment in US Dollars.

KnarrTek provides a full range of supporting services for SPTS, including user training, assistance with data setups, assistance with using the Remote Desktop Interface to produce custom reports, labeling warehouse locations, providing barcode scanning equipment on a rental basis, and providing rolls of preprinted tracking barcodes.

Our aim is to enable our clients to get up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal interference with people doing their regular jobs, and without needing any on-site IT support

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Download a PDF Data Sheet on the BellHawk SPTS Simple Production Tracking System

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